Coding Games

Coding games are an educational, fun, and useful tool to provide information at chapter meetings. Many chapters hold game nights to encourage networking among the members, as games lighten the mood, bringing everyone together. Some chapters have games at May MAYnia each year, and others choose to play them during the December holidays.
Many chapters choose to host meetings composed entirely of games. And some chapters fall back on games when presenters cancel at the last minute. According to AAPC guidelines, game nights, or meetings composed entirely of games, are limited to once a year. Meetings where games are played due to last-minute cancellations fall under this category.
However, games can also be used to supplement a presenter’s education, as in the case when speakers go short. Note that coding games can always be used to supplement a presenter’s education. There is no limit to this use.
When requesting CEUs for your game night, please include details about the game so the educational value can easily be determined.
Here are two prepared coding game templates that can easily be accessed and used. We hope these games will aid in keeping meetings fresh and entertaining, which is always a bonus to your membership.

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