Unique Instances Involving CEU Approval

There are unique rules for assignment of CEUs in some cases when it comes to local chapter events. These cases include private vendor education, CMS webinars, the Healthcare Business Monthly magazine monthly quizzes, and YouTube videos, etc. Let’s address some of these unusual conditions together.
Purchased Vendor Education: Many companies create wonderful education and sell to their subscribers for use. Most companies stipulate whether the education can be used for ‘single users only’ or if it can be used by many. The most common use is for single users only. Be careful when considering using a purchased product, not to submit it for a local chapter event unless the vendor has specified it as ‘multi-user’.
CMS Webinars: Just because education has been approved elsewhere for CEUs or has already passed through the review process and received a CEU award, that does not guarantee that specific CEU number can be used again for a chapter event. CMS webinars are a good example of this. CMS webinars have been awarded AAPC CEUs, and CMS has designated their webinars as ‘multi-user’. However, in this case, chapter officers should request CEUs for the chapter meeting, in order for the meeting to display online as a chapter event, for the chapter to receive credit for holding a meeting, and for the chapter to receive a reimbursement. Because the webinars have passed through the CEU process previously, be careful not to share that CEU number with chapter members. This is called ‘double-dipping’ or being awarded twice the number of CEUs for the time spent in education.
When submitting a CMS webinar for your meeting, be sure to stress to your membership that the chapter index number is to be used on their tracker and not the CMS index number. If contacted for verification and both numbers are found on their tracker, it would be considered a violation.
Healthcare Business Monthly Quizzes: Occasionally, chapters have desired to study and complete the magazine quiz as a group for a chapter meeting. The AAPC magazine is a ‘single-user’ product so review of the quizzes cannot be submitted for CEUs at a local chapter event. It is intended for each member to access the education on their own in order to receive the CEU award for the post-quiz.
Internet/YouTube videos: Appropriate healthcare education can occasionally be found on the internet. Because this is considered public information, it can be used for a local chapter meeting.
As always, the CEU Vendor department is continuously available to answer any questions you may have for your unique applications. You may contact us at localchaptersceus@aapc.com.

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