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Receiving Payment for Cancelled Examinees

Good news! We’ve implemented a change in our reimbursement policy relative to proctoring. We’ve heard your feedback as officers, and we realize you go to a lot of work to find rooms that will adequately accommodate the number of anticipated examinees. We also realize that occasionally examinees cancel, leaving you with having reserved a bigger room than necessary. So, to support you in your efforts, we are now figuring the quarterly reimbursement based upon the number of examinees signed up when we ship exams to the proctor, as opposed to the number of examinees that sit for the exam. This means that if an examinee cancels out of your exam at the last minute or just doesn’t show up, your chapter will still receive the $10 reimbursement for that person. Again, this is based upon the number of examinees registered at the time we ship the exams. Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.

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