Plan Now for Fall Activities – Conducting Nominations

Believe it or not, elections are right around the corner. You may be wondering how that can be. Well, keep in mind that in planning for elections there are events that must happen before the elections ever take place, and that’s the nominations. Here’s how that works.

  • Officers must allow for nominations to be made at least a month before elections, which are in October.
    • So, the nominations must be made in September.

But what if you don’t have meetings scheduled for both those months? You can do these activities in other months, but you will need to plan in order to fit everything in!
Part of planning for nominations is ensuring you know:

  • Who is eligible to serve
  • Which positions are available
  • Which officers plan to serve again

Remember the rules of service:

  • Officers may serve in the same position two years in a row
  • Officers may serve a total of four years in a row
  • Presidents, vice presidents and education officers must be AAPC-certified
  • All officers must be AAPC members assigned to that chapter

Inform the members that nominations will take place in advance so they can come prepared to nominate themselves or fellow chapter members. Hopefully as officers, you have been watching for potential officers at your chapter meetings.

  • Be sure to share with the members the positions that are available and the responsibilities of each of the positions.
    • Each officer could take a minute and explain his/her responsibilities and what has been interesting or fulfilling about the office.
  • During nominations is a good time to announce when the elections will be held. Be sure to give the members a 30-day advance notice.
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