Message from AAPCCA Leadership

A message from the Vice Chair of the AAPCCA
What is Leadership? The dictionary defines leadership as the act or instance of leading. Leadership molds individuals into a team. As officers, isn’t this what we all want as our goal in life, whether personal or professional?
Professionalism? Webster’s dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.
As officers and Certified Professional Coders, both of these qualities represent who and what we are every day of our lives. The most valuable asset in your professional career is your reputation.  Individuals who understand this will go above and beyond to always display professionalism in every way of every day.  There really are no second chances.
As a support to this, the Board of Directors will be providing a Power Point presentation called “Professionalism” which will be made available soon on the website to all chapter officers. Watch for an announcement coming soon.
Susan O’Loughlin, CPC, CPMA
AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors
Region 4 – Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Bahamas

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