Conducting Elections

You can make chapter elections professional and interesting by how well prepared you are at your next couple of meetings. Nominations are held one month and then elections the next. Again, be sure to give a 30-day advance notice to members for the elections. Ensure that attendees are comfortable during the elections by doing the following:

  • Be well-versed on the procedures for conducting elections as found in the AAPC Local Chapter Handbook
  • Ensure this is a professional event by introducing the vice president as the officer who is conducting the elections and then introducing each of the candidates
  • Have ballots prepared in advance and be aware of who, on the committee, is counting ballots
  • Announce to attendees that the voting process is a fair process
    • Explain that no one on the committee is running for an office
    • If the vice president is running, announce that although the elections are under the direction of the vice president, he/she is not involved in the voting or counting of the ballots
  • Vote by using paper ballots
    • No voting with a show or raise of hands
    • No online voting should occur
    • Only those present at the meeting are entitled to vote
  • Provide ballots that list names and positions of all candidates
    • When there are unopposed candidates, ballots should have “Yes” and “No” by each name
    • In the event there are no nominees for a required position, members may volunteer on the spot
      • In that case, write in the new candidate’s name on ballots along with “Yes” and “No”
    • Complete the process by counting the ballots before the close of the meeting and announcing all the winners
    • Thank everyone for participating
      • Send thank you notes where applicable
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