We’re Preparing in September for the Busy Month of October

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  • August 29, 2019
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Elections are Coming in October…
…and new officers must be chosen by October 30th! So that means nominations should be held in September. Remember this when conducting nominations:

  • Officers may serve in the same position two years in a row
  • Officers may serve a total of four years in a row
  • Presidents, vice presidents and education officers must be AAPC-certified
  • All officers must be AAPC members assigned to that chapter
  • Members may nominate themselves
  • It’s important that you as officers, confirm with the nominees, that they are willing to be added to the ballot

We’re Providing Educational Material for Your October Meeting
There are a lot of interesting changes included in the 2020 Proposed Rule for Physician Services that will affect AAPC members and we are anxious to share this information through the local chapters. So, we will be providing officers with slides and talking points as part of a high-level overview. This will help members know what to watch for. The slides will be ready at the end of September to be used during October meetings. As a follow up to this, the Final Rule will be released sometime in November and we will provide another presentation with talking points for officers to use starting in January.
Please note these details to access the Proposed Rule presentation:

  • The presentation will be available on AAPC’s website the last week of September
  • Watch for an email from AAPC in the last week of September, notifying you of how to access the information and specifically when it will be online
  • Many chapters already have their October meetings planned
    • It is not required that you give this presentation
    • The presentation may be given in November or December

Thank you for all you do to provide our members with education that keeps them up to date on regulatory changes.
We’re hoping that…
if you do give the presentation, you will publicize your meeting. We believe interest in this topic will help bring out members during this important month of October, so they can gain this education as well as participate in the chapter election process. With greater awareness we hope to broaden the pool of officers in the future.


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