The AAPCCA Has Compiled a Speakers Bureau

This is a wonderful resource for chapter officers. It is available now in the 2019 Officer Facebook group. With all the technology available today, we are hoping you can take advantage of this information and widen the scope of presentations at your meetings. If you have access to get online and project on to a screen, you could sponsor a live chapter meeting and have a virtual speaker. The speaker’s bureau is a list of topics that specific speakers have agreed to speak on virtually. Although the speaker is virtual, the attendees are in person, so this is not the same as a virtual meeting.
How to access the Speakers Bureau:

  • Find the Speakers Bureau on the 2019 Officer Facebook group in the “Files” section on the left.
    • If you are not part of the “AAPC Local Chapter Officers Only – 2019” group, click here to join. Select the “Join Group” button. Be aware approval may take up to five days.
    • For additional help, see screenshot below.

If you have questions, contact

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