Did You Get Your 2nd Q Reimbursement?

Reimbursements for sponsoring meetings and hosting exams in April, May and June were deposited into the local chapter checking accounts on August 14th. Make sure your chapter received yours by checking your bank account. This information is not found on AAPC’s website, you must contact your bank or check your August bank statement to confirm.
If your chapter did not get a deposit on August 14th it is because the bank statements for April, May and June were not uploaded on AAPC’s website by the deadline, July 30th.
Here is the reimbursement schedule:
Meetings are held                                    Online deposits are made         To receive reimbursement
in these quarters:                                    in chap bank accounts:              bank stmts req’d by:
1st Q – Jan, Feb, Mar                               Middle of May                             April 30th
2nd Q – Apr, May, Jun                             Middle of August                         July 30th
3rd Q – Jul, Aug, Sep                               Middle of November                   October 30th
4th Q – Oct, Nov, Dec                              Middle of February                     December 30th

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