Tips for Submitting Applications for CEUs for Local Chapter Meetings

We appreciate all our chapter officers for their proficiency in submitting applications for CEUs accurately. Occasionally there is confusion, so we offer the following for clarity and to provide tips that could be implemented to help speed up the approval process:
Save the Date Reminders
If you are interested in publicizing a Save The Date invitation for an upcoming event, be sure to select the ‘Miscellaneous’ event type when submitting the application on AAPC’s website.  Titles with ‘TBA’ or ‘TBD’ will not be approved.

  • Information submitted as miscellaneous will bypass the CEU review and be automatically uploaded to the website for membership viewing and no CEUs will be awarded at that time.
  • However, once your date has a title and you have secured your presenter, then you must follow this process:
    • Go online again and start over. Submit a new application with all the information such as the speaker name, time, title of the education, etc.
    • Then, inside your new application, find the box titled ‘Additional Information to provide CEU Vendor Department’ and request that your ‘Save The Date’ miscellaneous event be removed from the website.

Speeding Up the Process for Seminar Applications
When submitting applications for CEUs for seminars, all information must be completed in full.

  • As part of the process, officers are asked to upload an agenda and then asked to provide the same information in the ‘Presentation Details’ portion of the application.
    • Many officers do not complete the presentation details area, thinking the information has previously been included in the uploaded agenda.
    • You must complete the presentation details area in order for the seminar to be given CEUs. Failure to do so will delay the approval of the application or cause it to be denied altogether.
  • Be aware that when officer do not complete the application in full, it causes extra steps for the CEU approval team, which slows down CEU approval for everyone!

Recorded Presentations
If you are using recorded information at your chapter meeting, be aware that the speaker on the recording is considered the presenter. Use that person’s name in the request for CEUs.
Remember Professionalism
Hosting a variety of meetings makes for well-rounded education and a good experience for attendees. Officers enjoy using fun titles to create interest and increase attendance. Unusual titles of meetings are always welcome and approvable, however, double check your titles that they are professional and appropriate to be viewed online, potentially by the entire membership.

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