Message From Your Region 1 Representatives: Stephanie Sjogren and Stephanie Thebarge

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  • September 18, 2019
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HealthCon and Regional Conferences are a great way to connect & network with other AAPC members, National Advisory Board members and AAPCCA BOD members.  But did you know that is not the only way to connect with members?  AAPC has plenty of social networking opportunities, online Forums, and Mentoring programs.  You are not alone in the sea of coding, auditing, billing, and managing.

AAPC Northeast Region Representatives

When getting involved online, beware of the pitfalls of social media.
Some rules of social media to apply:

  • Pick a professional screen name
  • Create a professional profile
  • Do not post anything you wouldn’t want your mother, clergy, clients, boss, or colleagues to see
  • Keep personal and professional posts separate
  • Be kind
  • Practice HALT (Never post anything if you are too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired)
  • Do not send winks, pokes, virtual martinis, or invitations for your business contacts to play online games
  • Do not be a stalker
  • Use spell check

Your social media account represents who you are professionally.  Your profiles are online business cards.  This may be the way people are first introduced to you online.  What impression are you creating?  It is important to use your real name and actual photo on your profile to create legitimacy and trust with those you interact with.  For example, you may be a proud collector of Barbie dolls, but do not use Barbie in your profile picture.  When communicating on social media, make sure your “internal editor” is always turned on.  Don’t write anything that could haunt you in the future.  This is especially true of the photos you post online.  Be mindful of your social media privacy settings.  The right settings will limit who can see your photos and who can tag you in photos.  Acknowledge people when they ask a question and apologize if you have offended someone.  Social media in a business environment is never appropriate for settling a score or arguing about your personal/social/political beliefs.
Similar to your online profile, when attending local chapter meetings or conferences, you want to provide a good first impression.  You should present yourself with a polished appearance, smile, shake hands and make eye contact upon meeting.
This month be on the lookout for your NAB on the AAPC Facebook newsfeed.  We would love you to answer any of your questions and bring your “wish list” to AAPC leadership.
Remember the AAPC Code of Ethics: It shall be the responsibility of every AAPC member, as a condition of continued membership, to conduct themselves in all professional activities in a manner consistent with ALL the following ethical principles of professional conduct:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility

Adherence to these ethical standards assists in assuring public confidence in the integrity and professionalism of AAPC members.  Failure to conform professional conduct to these ethical standards, as determined by AAPC’s Ethics Committee, may result in the loss of membership with AAPC.

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