We’re Providing Educational Material for Your October Meeting

There are a lot of interesting changes included in the 2020 Proposed Rule for Physician Services that will affect AAPC members and we are anxious to share this information through you, our chapter officers. We mentioned last month that we are providing slides and talking points as part of a high-level overview. This will help your chapter members know what to watch for. The slides are now ready to be used for your October meeting if you do not already have something planned. You could also use them in November or December. As a follow up to this, the Final Rule will be released sometime in November and we will provide another presentation with talking points for officers to use starting in January.
Please note these details to access the Proposed Rule presentation:

  • The presentation is now available on AAPC’s website
  • Many chapters already have their October meetings planned
    • It is not required that you give this presentation
    • The presentation may be given in November or December

Thank you for all you do to provide our members with education that keeps them up to date on regulatory changes.

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