Message From Your Region 1 Representatives | Stephanie Sjogren and Stephanie Thebarge

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  • November 15, 2019
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AAPC Northeast Region Representatives

The National Advisory Board’s focus is to help our fellow members get the most out of being a certified coder with AAPC and be the voice back to AAPC for all of us.  Did you know that every year we get together for a 2 day retreat that focuses on nothing but that?  It’s true!
This year we got together at the Seattle Regional Conference so we could meet lots of members and get even more needed feedback to advise AAPC on what it is like out there in the field.  We need feedback from all members, and Region 1 is no exception! We want you to come to us with any suggestions, issues, or concerns on being an AAPC member. We are here to help!
We came up with some great ideas this retreat.  We thought of ways to try and help the website flow better, we thought of areas we think you would like highlighted. We shared ideas for certifications, certificates, and training that AAPC could develop.  We shared your ideas and concerns over getting your first coding job, advancing your career, what AAPC could do to help, and so much more!  AAPC, the NAB, and all the other wonderful people in this coding world are here to help each other. We have so much knowledge and experience to share.  The holiday season is upon us and we know that it can be a crazy time in everyone’s lives.  But we can still get on AAPC forums to ask and answer questions. Check out the Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn or even better, network in person at AAPC Chapter Meetings.  Share.  Ask Questions.  Learn from each other and even make some great friends in the process like we have!

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Stephanie Sjogren, CPC, CDEO, CPMA, CPC-I, CCS, HCAFA, is clinical policy and reimbursement analyst at Connecticare, Inc., and works with payment integrity to ensure proper claims adjudication and to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. Prior to joining Connecticare, she performed provider audits and education at a women’s healthcare group. Sjogren has also worked with physicians and staff to integrate and use electronic health record systems. Her areas of specialty are evaluation and management, auditing, and clinical documentation improvement. Sjogren has served as an officer for the Hartford, Conn., local chapter and is a member of AAPC’s National Advisory Board.

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