We’re Preparing for the New Year!

2019 officers should meet with 2020 officers
This should be happening now. On January 1st, only the 2020 officers will have privileges in the officer area of AAPC’s website, so please make sure (as a 2019 officer) that you share your knowledge with 2020 officers so they can hit the ground running when it’s their turn! These hand-off meetings can take place in person with the whole board, via phone or virtual meeting, or as individual officers together. Everything works, however, it is preferred that all officers are generally aware of each other’s responsibilities, so we encourage you to all meet together and then break into like offices.
Treasurers have crucial information to share
Treasurers are aware that bank statements must be uploaded and profit and loss information must be input into AAPC’s website, on a monthly basis. Treasurers also know that bank statements are generally not available the same month, so this information is being uploaded the next month. With all this in mind, treasurers, it is especially important that you involve the 2020 treasurers when you upload the November bank statements during the month of December. Make this a teaching moment so when the 2020 treasurers are on their own in January (uploading the December bank statement) they will know what they’re doing!
Treasurers should meet with treasurers and include presidents too
The financial responsibilities are the responsibility of the treasurer, but in the case where money is involved, we need checks and balances. Therefore, the president has oversight of the financial status of the chapter. It would be wise for 2019 presidents and treasurers to meet together with the 2020 presidents and treasurers so all understand the rules.

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