Red Flags Rule Postponed to August 1

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced Thursday, April 30, it is postponing implementation of its Red Flags Rule “to give creditors and financial institutions more time to develop and implement written identity theft prevention programs.” The FTC also announced that it is developing templates for smaller businesses that “know their customers,” such as providers.
See the official announcement on the FTC Web site, and watch EdgeBlast and Coding Edge for more information.

No Responses to “Red Flags Rule Postponed to August 1”

  1. A.J. Hernandez, RCC, CPC says:

    Talk about regulatory redundancy in health care! I hope that the AMA and other professional societies continue to pester the FTC about the ridiculous Red Flag Rules lack of relevancy to health care providers. All that may have needed to be done is a legislative amendment to HIPAA. And what about the ARRA under President Obama? That new act also addresses regulatory HIPAA reinforcement! Anyone else find all of these “changes” pouring out of Washington, D.C. this year a little bit exhausting and wasteful? To what end will health care providers and our patients suffer?

  2. Shauna Baughcum says:

    I concur…..these things are getting crazy. I am the Privacy Officer for my institution and I have no
    idea how we are going to begin to comply with the ARRA law. Next step…socialized medicine…..

  3. Lynda Wurtz says:

    I agree with the statements above. I now spend greater than 60% of my time in compliance issues rather than treating our patients and building our practice. These additional compliance regulations are already covered in th HIPPA rules. With the constant new compliance and insurance changes I dont have time to deal with insurrance denials and billing issues. Our small rural practice does not have the staffing to have someone act as just a compliance officer. This is just another ball to juggle.

  4. April Boyce, CPC says:

    I would have to agree with the comments above, I am the Business Office Manager for a family practice office and I dont have any idea how to apply this “red flagg rule” to our practice, it seems completely a waste of time, I am thankful for the August 1 extension maybe this will give the FTC time to realize how much we dont need to add anything else to our current compliance regulations!Lets pray for that!

  5. C Cooper, Administrative Assistant says:

    I also agree with the comments above. I am the Administrative Assistant for a small medial practice office and we have enough problems now just trying to get patients to update their information, or sometimes sign our forms about releasing their information to family members (ie. spouse ect.) but we do. These additional compliance regulations will make more work for our office. And what happens when we try to apply this Red Flag Rule and customers wont comply? If Providers are obligated to implement this rule, the insurance companies should also be obligated to educate their subscribers.

  6. Melissa Kline, CPC, NRCCS says:

    I am glad that the FTC is postponing the implementation of the Red Flags. I code for a variety of physicians for a variety of specialities in different facilities. All this means is that I will be spending more time on compliance issues rather than what needs done for the practices. I am curious as to what the insurance companies and collection agencies will be doing to implent this on their end. Does anyone have information on what actions/protocols there are for the individuals that do coding/billing from their home?

  7. Trevor Lian says:

    However annoying it may seem we still need to be prepared, just like taping the trim before you paint. If your physicians are members of their state medical association, get on that webpage and there should be workable templates and language to assist implementation at no cost to you.