Advance: “Conducting a Baseline Audit”

AAPC member Holly J. Cassano, CPC discusses the importance of conducting a baseline audit once you have established a compliance plan. She shares a number of reasons for proactively performing audits.

7 Responses to “Advance: “Conducting a Baseline Audit””

  1. bw sox says:

    Where can I find a copy of this article? “Conducting a Baseline Audit”
    B.W. Sox

  2. Holly Cassano,CPC says:

    Hi, if you click on the link in this highlight – it will bring you to my monthly column and this particular article.

  3. Holly Cassano,CPC says:

    go to Advance for Health Information Professionals, scroll down and you will see my latest column addition….thanks…

  4. megan b says:

    Hi–I must be missing something….still can’t locate this article. I don’t see “Advance for Health Information Professionals” anywhere???

  5. Terie Charrette says:

    What issue was article printed?

  6. holly cassano, cpc says:

    Hi Terie,
    It was in last month’s issue….if you can’t find it – let me know.


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