Senate Health Reform Hearings Focus on IT

Continued adoption of health care information technology is critical to health care reform, a spokesman for the Business Roundtable told the Senate Finance Committee today.

Top among the three key measures John Castellani, president of the group, told the committee the Business Roundtable supports is “continued adoption of uniform interoperable health information technology standards and incentives to use health information technology.”‘
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  1. Nancy Bruce says:

    Thousands of us have been paying for the medical billing and coding training with the only incentive being the hope for employment. We coders wait expectingly for the congress to supply incentives and IT standards for HIT. Their deadlines keep being pushed back over and over again; and still we wait with trembling hands and dog-eared ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS books. Where is the work? I realise the problem is huge, but you still eat the elephant one bite a time. Can’t we start with the DOD & the VA? No incentives are needed there, its just an order needed to be done.

  2. Carol Bryce says:

    I totally agree with Ms Bruce. Where are these jobs

  3. Cristine Polce-Bennett says:

    I wanted to be part of the movement for change. I took steps to transition from corporate financial to medical. To work towards that goal, I was encouraged with the promise… there is a great need for medical coders and if you persue this career you will be in demand and of great service. Well, I worked very hard, not having any medical background, and attended college courses (Professional Medical Coder Curriculum) and very pleased to have passed the AAPC exam in April 2008. One year later, I continue to struggle finding an employer who is willing to hire a newby. All employers I have been exposed to require one or more years experience. I am very discouraged, is there no employer willing to take on a novice?

  4. Mireille Lucien says:

    Ms. Bennett, your voice echoed mine. I too have passed the AAPC exam in November 2007 and I am still looking for a job. I even offered to volunteer for an externship hoping that at the end of it I might be considered for a job. I was denied even that. Working as a coder is not part of my curriculum for now.