Message From Your Region 3 Representatives | Astara Crews and Dianne Estes

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  • January 16, 2020
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Astara Crews and Dianne Estes, Region 3 – Mid-Atlantic NAB Representatives

2020 Vision: Setting Expectations for the New Year!!
Happy New Year!! Region 3. 
It is that time when we start to set resolutions for the new year.  From time to time, we find ourselves with the best intentions.  And at other times do things just fall flat?  Well, you are not alone.  Do not fret, to follow are some tidbits establishing well-meaning, yet easy to fulfill expectations for 2020 and beyond.
Be realistic about your expectations. The quickest way for an expectation to turn into regret or disappointment is to not give it enough consideration. Expect what you can realistically reach and be aware of the fact that sometimes life does not always go as planned. Try to remain confident while maintaining positive objectives; just remember not to make these expectations so high that they are impractical or unreachable. If you are looking to switch careers and/or move up in a position, think about what is required of that move. What would you need to accomplish to meet the expectations of the desired position?  Now consider what you would need to do to meet those requirements. Often times,” baby steps” is the best approach. Again, remain confident and positive.


Do some substantial vetting. Once you’ve established what your expectations are, check them. It is best to try not to expect outcomes that cannot be controlled. For example, as mentioned in the “New Year, New You A Coder’s Roadmap to Career Pathing” in the January 2020 issue of AAPC’s Healthcare Business Monthly, if you are new to the industry, think about any skills you may have that can be applied to the new role. Review the job description you are interested in, paying close attention to terms such as “required” and “preferred.”  After reviewing the job description, tailor your expectations, resume and speaking points (based on your skills and experience) to meet the employer’s prospects. Your expectation then becomes simply to put forth the best representation of your skills- you cannot control reaction the employer may have or cultural needs the organization is looking to satisfy.


Ask for help or advice. AAPC has launched a Mentorship Program through a mentor-mentee matching platform called MentorCity.  A mentor or fellow colleague can be a resource for answers you may be looking for. To learn more about the Mentorship Program and its benefits, read the article, “Behold the Power of Two”, on page 64 of the September 2019 issue of Healthcare Business Monthly. You also can go to AAPC’s website at mentor.aspx to find out about the requirements, benefits and/or find answers to questions you may have in the FAQs at the bottom of the page.
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