What You Need to Know About Being an AAPC Chapter Officer

You’ll be better able to fulfill your responsibilities if you understand what they are!!
#1 Here’s how you can find out what the responsibilities are:

#2 Every local chapter is required to host 6 educational events

  • 4 of these events must be traditional, in person meetings
  • 2 remaining events may be virtual meetings or seminars

#3 Every chapter is required to host 4 exams per year

  • 1 exam must be held each quarter
    • 2 of these exams must be ADA approved
  • All officers must take a turn proctoring

#4 AAPC supports the local chapters financially

  • Reimbursements are made to the chapters on a quarterly basis
    • AAPC pays $2 per member attendee at meetings
    • AAPC pays $10 per examinee

#5 Statistical and financial information is required

#6 Strong chapters are led by strong officers

  • Officers should meet regularly to communicate, be united, and have a plan for the future!
  • Officers are required to be trained!
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