Here’s What Wise Officers Will Do Right Away

Step #1 – Hold an officers’ meeting right away:

  • Get acquainted with one another. The most successful chapters have leaders who work as a team and communicate openly.
  • Together, review the responsibilities and general expectations of each officer as outlined in the 2020 AAPC Local Chapter Handbook.
    • Allow each person to fulfill his or her respective role.
    • Respect each other’s contributions, even when they are different from your style.
  • Discuss the unique needs of the members in your chapter.
    • Consider surveying the members regularly so you are acquainted with the local needs.

 Step #2 – Take responsibility for your new position

  • Attend officer training. In addition to a few in-person trainings, it is being offered virtually so you can attend at a time that is convenient for you.
    • Watch for information from the AAPCCA Board of Directors.
  • Read over your specific responsibilities in the 2020 AAPC Local Chapter Handbook and plan how to accomplish them.
    • Scan through the table of contents so you’ll be familiar with where to go when you need specific information.
  • Peruse the officer area of AAPC’s website. Log on with your username and password, scroll over My AAPC and click on My Chapter. In the left navigation you’ll find all the information for officers including:
    • Where to find and download the member list
    • Ideas for meetings
    • How to get approval for CEUs for educational events
    • How to mark attendance at chapter meetings
    • How to schedule exams
    • Where to submit financial information
  • Keep an eye out for the monthly officer news.
    • When changes take place, announcements are made, or information is disseminated, it is usually through the monthly officer news.
    • Officer News is emailed to all officers at the beginning of the month but can also be found online in the officer area
      • Read the news and answer a quiz each month for .5 CEU

Step #3 – Make sure your chapter is run professionally

  • Be well-prepared for your meetings
    • Start and end the meetings on time and as planned
    • Use an agenda
    • Be sure to share the Hot Sheet at each meeting to the members
    • Involve all officers in each meeting
    • Provide a variety of educational content at your meetings; always give CEUs
    • Always advertise meetings well in advance
  • Help members feel welcome
    • Know the members, call them by name
    • Be familiar with their employment and their certifications
    • Poll your members often on their expectations

Step #4 – Be aware and informed

  • More detailed information will be made available in the February Officer News which will be emailed at the end of January or found online
  • Remember .5 CEU is awarded to officers for reading Officer News and taking the accompanied test
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