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I Am AAPC: Shaqualya Sneed, MPA, CPC-P, CPMA

I Am AAPC: Shaqualya Sneed, MPA, CPC-P, CPMA

As I entered my first year of college, my desire was to become a physical therapist. It wasn’t until after I received my Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology and started working as a rehab tech at a local orthopedic group that I realized being a clinician was not my calling. I was more interested in the administrative side of healthcare.

Medical Coding Chose Me

While starting my master’s program, I was internally applying for physician office supervisor, for which I was passed over three times. I finally made it to physician office supervisor working for a very successful physician. If only my master’s program covered the healthcare revenue cycle!
My new physician depended heavily on me to “captain his ship,” so I decided to go back and get my Associate of Science degree in medical billing and coding. I also earned my Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P®) and Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®) certifications through AAPC.
I enjoyed learning something new and building upon my knowledge of healthcare services, attending chapter meetings, meeting other coders, and participating in chapter community service activities. Unfortunately, I had to resign from my employer and immediately relocate to another city.

Climbing the Career Ladder

I wanted to continue being a physician office supervisor but finding that position was hard in a big city. I was able to get a coding job, but I wanted to get back into leadership, so I started searching for leadership positions in coding and billing. Finding one was tough, but the physician I was working for in my hometown motivated me to keep pushing.
Two years later, I was offered a position as regional manager of coding and reimbursement for pain management offices by the vice president of revenue cycle. All it took was for one person to believe in me.
I believe in giving back to the community, so I give out a yearly book scholarship to one student pursuing any type of medical certification. I will retire one day, so what better way to continue blazing the trails for the next generation?

4 Responses to “I Am AAPC: Shaqualya Sneed, MPA, CPC-P, CPMA”

  1. Celina Canlas, CPC-A says:

    Hello Shaqualya. Your article inspired me. I passed my CPC certification last year but it was a challenge to find a job with an apprentice attached to my name (CPC-A) and zero experience in coding. By God’s grace, I was able to find a medical practice who believed in me. So far, so good and I am learning a lot on the intricacies of coding. I hope I will have the chance to win your book scholarship. I still have a lot to learn and I am highly motivated.

  2. Navneet palaha says:

    Hello Shaqualya, your article is very touching. I got my certification in 2018, and just started looking for a job/internship this year. I have been attending the meetings and love meeting the coders. It’s a good way to put faces on the names I read the AAPC website. Your article gave me movtivation to keep searching and I am not giving up hope.

  3. ETHEL blakely says:

    Hello Shaqualya, reading your article have inspired me to continue my schooling in the Medical Coding/Billing Specialist career which I’m in my 3rd quarter at a Community College. I have one more quarter (spring) then I can take the CPC certification examine, I’m so nervous BUT I know if I have gone this far I know I will make it. Reading your article was VERY inspiring and I know that your family and friends are very proud of you (mine is). You have been a Blessing just to know that if you can do it I can do!

  4. Denisse Rodriguez says:

    Hi Shaquayla,
    Your article was extremely inspiring. I have been working in the medical field since 2010, and have felt disenchanted lately without actually having a degree to compliment my CPC.
    I admit that I have struggled to be respected in the field, and currently do not hold a position as a medical coder, but plan to be consistent with my CEUs and membership to be able to land a remote position, and become an independent contractor in the future.
    Your story was very inspiring, and pray that you continue to thrive!
    Best Regards,
    Denisse Rodriguez, CPC