There are Deadlines for Submitting Information

CEUs for chapter meetings

  • It is recommended that CEUs be requested 30 days in advance of the meetings, but no later than two weeks before. Meetings are approved in the order they are received. CEUs will not be granted if the request was received after the meeting was held.

 CEUs for chapter-sponsored seminars

  • It is important to request CEUs for seminars 60 days in advance. This is because CEUs must be approved before any marketing of the event is sent. Non-educational events at seminars such as registration, etc., are not approved for CEUs, so the requests must be carefully reviewed before officers make announcements to members.

 Profit and loss statements

  • Total income earned and total expenses are due to be reported online by the 30th of every month. Treasurers are responsible to input the information.

 Attendance at Chapter Meetings
All officers have privileges to mark the attendance at the chapter meetings. Attendance should be marked at the meeting but can be marked up to 30 days after the meeting. After 30 days, the attendance area is locked, and attendees’ names can no longer be added.

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