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Message from AAPCCA Leadership

Our Retiring BOD Chair, Cindy Stephenson
As my term as chair of the Chapter Association Board of Directors comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on these past four years.
I have had many experiences serving on this board including serving as: Board member, committee member, committee chair for the Chapter Issues Committee, Ethics Committee member, treasurer, chapter liaison, vice chair and, finally, Chair. I am proud to have been a part of many successful initiatives including officer training, officer certificates, leadership training and setting up the first remote chapter. I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone and written articles for Healthcare Business Monthly and the officer news.
Along my journey there have been countless advisors and supporters I would like to thank – Sherri, Judy, Brenda, Ruby, Candy, Rita, Sharon, Beth and Susan as well as many others – as without them I would not have had a successful term.
Every year the Chapter Association Board of Directors selects five new members to join the board for a three-year term while five members complete their term and roll off the board. This preserves the continuity of the board. Here is a little about the four other board members that will be rolling off with me this term.
Jeanne Gershman – Affectionately called the “Quilt Lady,” she is the one responsible for making the quilts that are raffled to raise money for the Hardship Fund at national conference. Jeanne has served as a committee chair for the Chapter Development Committee and Professional Development Committee as well as meeting coordinator for the Board.
Beth Schleeper – Beth has been a committee chair for the Proctoring Committee, served as chapter liaison, and will record our professional development presentation.
Gina Piccirilli – Gina has been a committee chair for the Public Relations Committee, which has run smoothly, and written countless articles for the HBM.
Lynda Wetter – Lynda has served as secretary of the board and as a committee chair for the Officer Resource Committee. She has made sure the virtual speaker scheduling has run smoothly.
Thank you to those rolling off and to all the other members that I have had the pleasure of serving with over the past four years. Susan O’Loughlin took over as chair on January 1, 2020. Please join me in wishing her “Best of Luck” for a successful term.

Cynthia Stephenson, CPC, CRC, AAPC Fellow
Chair, AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors 2019
Region 6 – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Our New 2020 BOD Chair, Susan O’Loughlin
Happy New Year! I know, it’s February, where does the time go? I am so excited and honored to be your 2020 AAPCCA Chair. So many great projects are currently being worked on and we cannot wait to share them with you.
It has been a true pleasure to work with the 2019 board, Cindy Stephenson, Lynda Wetter, Gina Piccirilli, Jeanne Gershman and Beth Schleeper. I truly gained so much knowledge from each and every one of them. As we say here on the Board, we are “sisters” forever!
My sincere appreciation for Cynthia Stephenson our 2019 Chair, her guidance, knowledge and sincere enthusiasm for our chapters has been amazing! Cindy and I have worked closely over the past few years, and she has been a true mentor for me; thank you Cindy, from the bottom of my heart!
Congratulations to our five new Board members, we are so excited and would like to welcome, Aileen Baldwin, Tabitha Iverson, Robin Goudy, Denise Garrett and Victoria Moll! 2020 will be a great year!
I would also like to announce your 2020 Executive Board, Heather Allen is our vice chair, Rik Salomon is our secretary, Michele Stevens our treasurer and our meeting coordinator is Kristin Rodriguez. It is such an honor to work with each and every one of you! This year we have four committees that are dedicated to working on projects to support our local chapters, Chapter Development, led by Lynn Deaton, Officer Resources, led by Corrie Alvarez, Public Relations led by Rik Salomon, Professional Development led by Michele Stevens, and Joan Snodgrass, our chapter liaison.  These committees work diligently listening to your suggestions and working constantly to assist and implement the best of the best for all of you!
We are all here to assist you and wish 2020 to be a fantastic year. Reach out to your region representatives if ever you should have a question or concern.
Warm wishes and all the best in 2020!
Susan O’Loughlin, CPC, CPMA
Chair, AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors 2020
Region 4 –
Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Bahamas

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