We’re Encouraging Virtual Meetings through Your Chapter

AAPC’s Purpose in Sponsoring Virtual Chapter Meetings
We believe the local chapter experience can be invaluable in keeping AAPC members appraised of what’s happening in their fields. Attendance at meetings not only aids in the maintenance of CEUs but also provides leadership and recognition opportunities. The networking gives access to associations with experts, mentors and local employment news.

  • We want all AAPC members to experience these benefits. We hope virtual chapter meetings will bring out members who will probably never attend an in-person meeting due to schedules, distance or family commitments.
  • We feel that, in time, those members who only attend virtually will have a desire to meet the “faces behind the voices”.

Rules for Sponsoring a Virtual Chapter Meeting
A virtual meeting is sponsored by the local chapter officers.

  • All attendees must join online.
  • Invitations should only be extended to chapter members.
  • Meetings must be hosted through an online platform with tracking capabilities.
    • Officers with access to such services as Zoom, GotoMeeting or WebEx may host their own meetings.
    • Officers without access to hosting services may apply to AAPC to host.
      • Dates are available on a first come first-served basis.
    • Attendance should be tracked so a reimbursement for meeting attendance can be earned. AAPC will send attendance reports.
      • After the meeting officers should refer to the attendance report and mark attendance online.
    • CEUs can be awarded for virtual meetings when officers request the meeting through AAPC’s online approval system.

Steps to Follow When Sponsoring Virtual Meetings

(Step 1 only applies to chapters requesting to use AAPC’s Zoom platform:)
Step 1 – Email localchaptervirtualmeetings@aapc.com to reserve a date for the virtual meeting. Include:

  • The name of the chapter
  • The name of the contact person
  • The date, time and length of the virtual meeting
  • The name of the meeting or topic being presented
  • The name of the speaker
  • You will receive a link that your chapter members can use to join the meeting. You will need this link to submit the CEU request for the virtual meeting.
  • Attendees will register for the meeting by simply clicking on the link.
    • Up to 150 members can participate in the meeting.

(Step 2 applies to all chapters requesting CEUs for hosting a virtual meeting:)
Step 2 – Apply for CEUs using AAPC’s online approval process.

  • Use the “meeting” option
  • Complete these fields as follows:
    • Topic (or name of the meeting) = “Virtual Chapter Meeting – (name of topic)”
      • Ex: “Virtual Chapter Meeting – 2020 CPT Changes”
    • Location name = “Virtual Chapter Meeting”
    • Address = “See link below”
    • Directions = “Click here to join this virtual chapter meeting: “(add link here)”
      • If using AAPC’s Zoom platform: This is where you add the Zoom link received from AAPC. This link will appear online, and members can click there to join the meeting.
      • If using your own virtual platform: Those chapters not using AAPC’s Zoom platform will add their own registration link It is wise to have the virtual meeting link set up in advance so it will be readily available when you go to AAPC’s website to submit approval for CEUs.
    • Be sure to queue the alerts to go out so all members assigned to the chapter will receive notifications of the meeting.

Step 3
– Be aware that:

  • Virtual meetings are being sponsored to specifically attract members who do not typically attend. This is your opportunity to “show off” the strengths of your chapter and what members can gain by attendance. Discuss as officers how you could take advantage of this.
    • Presidents should conduct the meeting, welcome the members, introduce the officers and introduce the speaker.
    • All officers should participate, with short messages.
      • This allows the members to meet and get to know the officers and demonstrates the duties officers fulfil.
      • Suggestions include introducing each officer, reading minutes from previous meetings, announcing upcoming meetings, announcing members that have recently passed exams, reading a treasurer’s report, introducing new members, etc.
    • Officers should use webcams so they can be seen when participating.
    • Inform speakers they should use a webcam so attendees can see their faces.

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to contact us at localchapters@aapc.com or call Customer Care at 800-626-2633.

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