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Message from AAPCCA Leadership

2020 Officer Training
We are really impressed with the participation we’ve had this year for officer training. We have a good crop of officers who genuinely want to understand their responsibilities and are making the effort to learn. Here are some stats:

  • 34 in-person trainings have been held
    • 4 more in-person trainings are scheduled to be held
  • 13 virtual officer training sessions have been held
    • 4 more virtual training session are scheduled to be held
  • 68 chapters have all officers trained
  • 1,196 officers have been trained so far
    • This is 48% of all officers which is more than we’ve ever trained before!
  • All of this has been accomplished with the full AAPCCA Board of Directors as well as 10 past board members and three current National Advisory Board members.

Special thanks go to Cynthia Stephenson, 2019 Board of Directors Chair, and Michele Stevens, 2020 Board of Directors Treasurer for the dozens of hours they have spent helping get 2020 officers up to speed!

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