Introducing AAPC’s New eBook Collection

Introducing AAPC’s New eBook Collection

Easily carry your favorite coding books, specialty guides, and reference guides with you wherever you go with AAPC’s eBooks.

As everything around us is getting the switch over to digital, eBooks — books in an electronic format that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device — are becoming increasingly popular. While many people still prefer the tactile feel of traditional printed media, eBooks have some definite benefits and offer versatility that print cannot. This is particularly true when it comes to medical coding books.

Get the eBook Advantage

Individuals whose jobs rely heavily on these reference materials — from coders and billers to auditors to healthcare providers — understand how cumbersome printed code books can be, especially when you need to reference several tomes throughout the day. Anyone working on the revenue side of medicine stands to benefit greatly from the digital format, which provides improved portability and accessibility to the myriad books needed to accurately code medical conditions, diagnoses, procedures, treatments, and supplies. AAPC recognizes this and now provides options for people who believe a book in electronic format better suits their needs.

Your 2021 eBooks Are Ready

AAPC is now offering eBook versions of our 2021 code books and medical reference guides (MRGs). For those of you who find it hard to decide between eBooks and printed books, here are just a few of the advantages AAPC’s eBooks have over the traditional print format:

One Device, Many Books

No more book storage issues and lugging around multiple bulky code books that are subject to wear and tear. With eBooks, a single device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone — is all you need to consult the multitude of reference materials your job necessitates. Multiple eBooks can be stored on your device, transforming your entire code book collection into a portable and lightweight format. This allows you to effortlessly bring your entire library with you wherever you go. Convenience is further enhanced by being able to sync the eBooks across all your devices, switch between books with ease, and store them in the cloud.

Instant Access and Immediate Updates

With eBooks, you no longer have to wait for your code books to be printed, packaged, and delivered. Once you purchase an eBook, you can download it to your device and start reading it right away. And if errata updates are released, AAPC’s eBooks are revised immediately. With automatic eBook updates, you don’t have to worry about coordinating the errata updates published online and reconciling them with the original print version of your code book.

Usage Tools

AAPC’s eBooks come with tools — bookmarks, highlighting, notes, and flashcards — to maximize your coding capabilities; no more trying to figure out how to add notes and helpful tidbits in the limited space within your code books. Our eBooks enable you to add, review, and share notes, as well as create and update digital flashcards, all of which can be stored in the eBook.

The new eBook format also makes bookmarking and highlighting extremely simple. You can highlight important information in your choice of colors and save custom notes that can be quickly referenced in the future. Bookmark your favorite pages without worrying about a physical bookmark or tab getting moved or lost. Additional features include on-screen descriptor symbol legends and zoom capabilities, symbol pop-ups when hovering over an item, and highlighted indents as you read through the page.

Easily Searchable

The search feature makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for in eBooks. You’re not limited to searching for information based on a table of contents, index, or physical bookmarks. Instead, you can search by sections, chapters, keywords, codes, highlighted text, notes, tags to a block of content, bookmarks, and figures. AAPC’s eBooks even have a clickable table of contents that can take you directly to the section you want to reference.


Put an end to your struggle with small font size and fixed pages. With AAPC’s eBooks, you can change the font type and size as well as the page background color. You can also customize line height and page margins with re-flowable text. This is a handy feature for those who require large-print books.

Read-Aloud Feature

AAPC’s eBooks come with text-to-speech (TTS) functionality. This read-aloud feature allows people to listen to eBooks, which is a convenient way to better understand the pronunciation of medical and other technical terms. TTS can also facilitate usage and enhance the learning experience for individuals with visual impairments or learning disabilities.

Get Your eBooks Today

AAPC is always looking for new and innovative ways to support its members. We want to make sure that those working on the revenue side of healthcare have all the tools they need to best serve the medical community, which is why we’re excited to introduce our novel eBooks, a convenient and accessible alternative to our printed books. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your reading experience easier and more enjoyable or simply wanting to save shelf space, give our eBooks a try and experience the many benefits they offer.

Check out our electronic code books and our MRGs. If you are new to eBooks or simply want to make sure you’re familiar with all the tips and tricks to maximize your eBook experience, check out this instructional video on how to use AAPC’s new eBooks.

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Stacy Chaplain, MD, CPC, is a development editor at AAPC. She has worked in medicine for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on education, writing, and editing since 2015. Chaplain received her Bachelor of Arts in biology from the University of Texas at Austin and her doctorate in medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She is a member of the Beaverton, Ore., local chapter.

10 Responses to “Introducing AAPC’s New eBook Collection”

  1. Vijaya Perumalla says:


    I have a couple questions regarding the ebooks and updates. In the article above, “And if errata updates are released, AAPC’s eBooks are revised immediately. With automatic eBook updates, you don’t have to worry about coordinating the errata updates published online and reconciling them with the original print version of your code book.”

    So, if I have downloaded a ebook, and made bookmarks, notes and highlights in it and then an errata update is released,
    – will the automatic eBook update erase my previously made bookmarks, notes and highlights?
    – will I be downloading a new version of the update that is a different file to replace the previous version ebook or is it an Automatic update in current ebook that retains all my personalized content with books, notes and highlights?

    Thank you,

  2. Lee Fifield says:

    From AAPC: The notes and highlights are not deleted and remain in the book even though we release errata. The notes and highlights are something that remains at the user level account. Students do not need to download a fresh version: it will be an automated update push. Whenever an update happens, a notification is sent which shows as soon as the account is opened.

  3. Promise says:

    The article should clarify that ebooks are not available to be downloaded right away. I purchased an ebook and was told it takes 1-2 business days to receive access. This sentence is very misleading and it was the reason why I purchased.
    ” Once you purchase an eBook, you can download it to your device and start reading it right away.”

  4. Kathy says:

    Anyone know? I would assume we can’t use the e-books for exams?

  5. Lee Fifield says:

    From AAPC: Kathy, eBooks are not allowed in the certification exams. Only physical manuals may be used.

  6. Karen K. Kerkove says:

    I purchased E books this year and down loaded them now I cannot find book shelf. Am I doing something wrong? Feeling stupid right now.

  7. LT says:

    Do eBooks also come with CEUs after purchase? If so, how many? More or less than the hardback and paper books?

  8. Lee Fifield says:

    LT, please direct your purchase question to customer service and they will assist you.

  9. Karl says:

    question on the CPB ebook. Where can I find the answer keys?
    Thank you!!

  10. Lee Fifield says:

    Karl, please reach out to customer service and they will be happy to help you.

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