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I Am AAPC: LeAndrea Mack, CPC, AAPC Fellow

I Am AAPC: LeAndrea Mack, CPC, AAPC Fellow

Medical coding has ushered in so many career opportunities for me. I’ve worked in orthopedics, sports medicine, surgical pathology, and other specialties, and, collectively, have gained a wealth of experience. But there came a point when I asked myself, “What are you going to do with all this information?”

And then I got the call.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

It was an opportunity to interview for a position as a clinical coding investigator. As I listened to the recruiter explain the position, I was drawn in with every single function. Identifying aberrant billing patterns and trends; uncovering evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse — it was the dream job I never knew I wanted.

As the days went by, I became disappointed that I hadn’t received a call back. I was confident I had done great on the tests and interviews, so I reached out to the recruiter. As we chatted, I began speaking about experiences that I hadn’t put on my resume, simply because there wasn’t enough space to list everything.

At some point, the recruiter stopped me and said, “LeAndrea, I believe you have the exact experience that they are looking for. In the small time that we have been on the phone, you have even educated me.”

Lesson Learned

That was the moment that cemented my need to somehow distinguish my level of expertise and experience.

I revised my resume to truly reflect my experience and, in the end, I became a clinical investigator. I am currently working for Optum’s Special Investigative Unit as a coding consultant. I also started writing for Healthcare Business Monthly and tutoring students for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) exam.

That may be enough for some, but not for me!

Proud Moment

In July 2020, I became an AAPC Fellow. This recognition affirms my ongoing efforts to share my experience with the healthcare community and apply my expertise in the healthcare industry.

Some may say I have “arrived.” I say, my journey to “achieve a higher standard” has just picked up speed.

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Renee Dustman, BS, AAPC MACRA Proficient, is managing editor - content & editorial at AAPC. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications - Journalism. Renee has more than 30 years' experience in journalistic reporting, print production, graphic design, and content management. Follow her on Twitter @dustman_aapc.

2 Responses to “I Am AAPC: LeAndrea Mack, CPC, AAPC Fellow”

  1. Joe Delgado says:

    This is such an inspiring narrative! I took my CPC exam just 3 days ago and I can’t wait to find my way in the coding profession just the same! Congratulations on your journey!

  2. LeAndrea Mack says:

    Thank you Joe! I hope you passed the test! If not, dont be discouraged. I didnt pass until the 2nd time.