AMA Posts More Changes to CPT Books

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  • May 14, 2009
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The American Medical Association (AMA) has posted a new Corrections Document – CPT® 2009 spotlighting additional changes to the CPT® Professional and Standard manuals. Changes to code, nomenclature, and guidelines in the corrections document supersede some material in the CPT® manuals.
The corrections document is posted on the AMA Web site.

While most of the changes are in the Medicine chapter, nearly every chapter reflects some change in this release. Only the Pathology and Laboratory chapter escaped without changes this time, although there were several changes in that chapter in the December release.
In Anesthesia the AMA revised the parenthetical note for CPT® code 01992, removing “For intra-arterial or intravenous injections, see 90773, 90774,” as those codes were deleted for 2009.
In the Evaluation and Management chapter, spots are affected by changes to parenthetical comments and guidelines for section 99468-99476 and 99465.
The Surgery chapter sees parenthetical note changes for codes 43648 and 62267. Under 43648, the coder is told to see 95980-95982 rather than use Category III code 0162T. Under 62267, code 77012 is removed from parenthetical comment.
Three changes to Radiology codes impact parenthetical notes and rules for 77785-77787, 79101, and 79445. Coders are told now to not report new brachytherapy codes 77785-77787 with Category III code 0182T. Under 79101 and 79445, deleted codes are replaced with current codes in the parenthetical comments.
In the Medicine chapter, look for a number of changes in these subcategories: Cardiovascular Therapeutic Services and Procedures; Cardiovascular/Cardiovascular Device Monitoring; Cardiovascular/Cardiac Catheterization; and Neurology and Neuromuscular Procedures/Sleep Testing.

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