Get a Load of ASP Drug Pricing Files for 2nd Qtr.

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  • April 5, 2010
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The Average Sales Price (ASP) files are now available for the second quarter of 2010, which you can download from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website. Where applicable, the payment amounts in the quarterly ASP files are 106 percent of the ASP, calculated from data submitted by drug manufacturers.
Comparing the second quarter 2010 payment amounts with the previous quarter reveals that, for the most part, average drug prices in the market remain stable. On average, CMS says, prices for the top part B drugs increased by 0.7 percent. For most of the higher volume drugs (35 out of the top 50), the prices changed 2 percent or less. Overall, the prices for 12 of the top 50 drugs decreased, while four remained the same.
Subscribers to Part B News can download an 11-page document that details all price changes from first to second quarter. You will find it in the Hot Documents folder, labeled “ASP_chart_Q210.”
Here’s a snapshot of drug price changes included in Part B News’ list:

  • Prices for 248 drugs will decrease from the amounts paid in the first quarter of 2010;
  • Prices for 67 drugs will not change;
  • Prices for 270 drugs will increase; and,
  • CMS issued payments for the first time for two drugs – C1 esterase inhibitor injection (J0598, $42.746) and Temozolomide injection (J9328, $4.899).

Codes J9093-J9097 for Cyclophosphamide lyophilized no longer appear on the list.

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