Stand Up and Be Counted

How much do coders really earn? What specialties, certifications, locations, education, and other factors influence compensation? These and other questions are to be answered in the AAPC’s 2009 Salary Survey.
The AAPC seeks coders — both noncertified and certified, members and non-members — to participate in the survey. The one-page anonymous survey takes only five minutes to complete and is accessible until June 30, 2009.
Results will be announced in the October issue of the AAPC’s Coding Edge magazine. Access the survey by clicking the button below.

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No Responses to “Stand Up and Be Counted”

  1. Nanika Lockheart CPC-H says:

    Is there a place where I can submit my resume so that I can be contacted with any coding opportunities?

  2. Rosemary Neiman says:

    Excellent question. I am a recent graduate of a billing and coding course, obtained my CPC-A and would also like an answer to your question.

  3. Crystal says:

    From my understanding, K-Force hires coders to travel. You may check with them.

  4. Louise Ashburn says:

    I noticed the survey had no place to note that you are a coding auditor. In my facility each of us codes the work we do and I do the audits to make sure that everyone else has coded correctly and the documentation is there to support the codes.
    However, one of my enduring frustrations is that the diagnosis codes are assigned elsewhere, using only a portion of the medical chart, and they are often incorrect. I have a terrible time getting the other entity to correct their diagnosis codes even when I send copies of the documentation (path reports, diagnostic imaging reports) to back up my own diagnosis coding. Do other people have to work with a split coding environment like ours?

  5. Treacie Hunter, CPC says:

    I would like to get more information about auditing and compliance. I did do a little for a local hospitals ED department for the billing company I used to work for. But I would like to get more experience and go further with it. Any suggestions?

  6. Scottie Lovell says:

    I would like to know also where to post my resume so that it would be noticeable to coding companies

  7. John Boschetto Jr says:

    I’m looking for some information as it pertains to medical coding. I’ve been doing social work for approximately twenty years and I’ve finally decided that I’m burnt out. Medical Coding is one of the fields im considering as a second career. Im wondering if anyone is comfortable with providing me a salary scale to offer me an idea of what I may potentially earn as a Medical Coder. Thanks for your help.

  8. lisa kibler says:

    I would like to recieve a list of coding companies that hire recent graduates. I graduate in Feb 2010. I live in Winston Salem NC. How do I go about finding who will hire recent grads?

  9. Kelly Claar says:

    I also am in the same position. Is this something I can do from home and is it a salary that I can support my family on?

  10. Nicole Vargas says:

    I would also like to know where I could post my resume for auditing. I have a little experience, but would like to go further w/ it also.

  11. Frieda Cromley says:

    I recently completed an 8 month classroom certification course from Everest University here in Jacksonville, Fl and a 160 externship with a Emergency Physician billing company in the Accounts Receivable Department. I can not be promoted to a coder until I have passed the certification test that I will be taking in August. Other coders are making around $20.00 to $30.00 an hr, they have at least 5 yrs experience in the field. I think that is about the norm from what I have heard. To make more, you need to have more Certifications under your belt.

  12. Joanne Frost says:

    I am currently working in a 5 doctor Medical Oncology practice as a compliance/coder/biller/patient assistance coordinator. I was promoted from within by the practice aministrator in March 2004 after working as a medical assistant for 14 years. After three years experience in billing, I went to a coding boot camp and passed the CPC exam in 2007. It takes a lot of experience to be proficient in compliance and internal auditing. Mentoring on the job is a must to be successful. The nurses loved mentoring me as I took over some of the much hated paper work, the practice administrator and the MD’s mentored me as it affected the bottom line. Take that entry level job and absorb everything you can, also be willing to expand your job description I spend 1/2 the day in compliance and coding and the other half in billing and patient assistance. Treacie has the right idea, experience ! The coding edge also recommends pursuing specialty credentials. Best Wishes.

  13. Renee' Edwards says:

    I am very interested in coding from home as well. My husband is in the Army, so moving every few years would be easier working from home. Where can I get access to employers who hire “work from home” coders?

  14. brad says:

    The July Coding Edge has an article about work-at-home coding. There are some resources there.

  15. Misty says:

    I am currently a nurse (LPN) looking to change course and move into coding. At this point I really need to work from home (family demands). I have found 1 possibly 2 places that will hire me (only if experienced or certified) allow me to work 6months and then work from home. I am studying through The Basics of Medical Coding by Carol Buck, and studying through the ICD-9 books, CPT and will be starting the HCPCs book. I am also taking practice tests. I am going to sign up to take me CPC test on 8/22… Any suggestions?? I am possibly facing a job loss w/ in the next month with my current job and one of the place I mentioned sounds like they would hire me if I would just get my CPC (they do all ED). Any wise advise out there for a desperate wanna be?

  16. Serena says:

    Hello All- I wanted to let you all know that Aerotek is an international recruiting company and also hires for contract or direct positions in the medical billing and coding field. I currently have an opening in Ohio for a medical coding position working in home health care. You can view our website if you would like more information at or you can email me directly at to send a resume with your experience and I would be happy to assist you.

  17. M.KITT says:


  18. Eve Harris says:

    Recently completed Medical Billing and Coding Course. Question: How difficult would it be for a university degreed Senior to land an entry position in the Billing and Coding field in the East Valley of Phoenix? Although it is, supposedly illegal to discriminate about age, how realistic are the opportunities for older people, and what medically-related organizations or companies are likely to hire a Senior? I would love some real-world opinions, please. Thank you for any input ahead of time.