CMS Releases July 2009 I/OCE v10.2

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the July 2009 Integrated Outpatient Code Editor (I/OCE) Specifications, version 10.2. This quarter’s update hosts a number of noteworthy changes that go into effect July 1.

Transmittal 1739, CR 6480, issued May 15, provides background information and a summary of the following changes.

Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs) added to the I/OCE:
APC APC Description Status Indicator
01268 Xyntha, inj K
01269 Alloskin skin sub K
01270 Alloderm skin sub K
09250 Artiss fibrin sealant G
09251 Inj, C1 esterase inhibitor G
09252 Injection, plerixafor G
09253 Injection, temozolomide G
09360 SurgiMend, neonatal G
09361 NeuroMend nerve wrap G
09362 Implnt,bone void filler-strip G
09363 Integra Meshed Bil Wound Mat G
09364 Porcine implant, Permacol G
APC(s) description changes:
APC Old Description New Description
09358 SurgiMend, 0.5cm2 SurgiMend, fetal
09359 Implant, bone void filler Implant, bone void filler-putty
New HCPCS/CPT® code(s) added to the IOCE:
HCPCS Code Description SI APC
0199T Physiologic tremor record S 00215
0200T Perq sacral augmt unilat inj T 00049
0201T Perq sacral augmt bilat inj T 00050
0202T Post vert arthrplst 1 lumbar C 0000
90670 Pneumococcal vacc, 13 val im E 0000
C9250 Artiss fibrin sealant G 09250
C9251 Inj, C1 esterase inhibitor G 09251
C9252 Injection, plerixafor G 09252
HCPCS Code Description SI APC
C9253 Injection, temozolomide G 09253
C9360 SurgiMend, neonatal G 09360
C9361 NeuroMend nerve wrap G 09361
C9362 Implnt,bon void filler-strip G 09362
C9363 Integra Meshed Bil Wound Mat G 09363
C9364 Porcine implant, Permacol G 09364
Q2023 Xyntha, inj K 01268
Q4115 Alloskin skin sub K 01269
Q4116 Alloderm skin sub K 01270
Changed code descriptions:
HCPCS Old Description New Description
C9358 SurgiMend, 0.5cm2 SurgiMend, fetal
C9359 Implant, bone void filler Implant, bon void filler-putty
Code(s) with an APC and/or SI and/or edit change, effective Jan. 1:
HCPCS Code Description New APC
99251 Inpatient consultation C
99252 Inpatient consultation C
99253 Inpatient consultation C
99254 Inpatient consultation C
99255 Inpatient consultation C
Code(s) with an APC and/or SI and/or edit change, effective April 1:
HCPCS Code Description New APC New SI
K0740 Repair/svc oxygen equipment E 9
Additional valid modifiers, effective Jan.1:
Modifier Activation Date
PA 0
PB 0
PC 0
Additional valid modifiers, effective April 1:
Modifier Activation Date
PI 0
PS 0
Invalid modifiers, effective April 1:
Modifier Activation Date
K8 0

Version 15.1 of Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits is included in the July 2009 I/OCE.

These I/OCE instructions and specifications will be used under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) and non-OPPS for hospital outpatient departments, community mental health centers, and for all non-OPPS providers, and for limited services when provided in a home health agency not under the Home Health Prospective Payment System or to a hospice patient for the treatment of a non-terminal illness. A Recurring Updated Notification (RUN) attached to Transmittal 1739 applies to Pub. 100-04; Medicare Claims Processing Manual; chapter 4; section 40.1.

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  1. Patricia Geba says:

    I am trying to find out what procedure code is use when you need to go to the hospital for outpatient procedure and only use the facilities, such as treatment room, anesthesia, surgical dressings, supplies etc.
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