AAPC is on Facebook and Twitter!

Your chapter members may not know that the AAPC is on Twitter and Facebook. Invite them to join and follow us now. These two venues provide additional opportunities for us to communicate what’s new at the AAPC. Plus, members can learn about current events and other benefits and network with other healthcare professionals. Anyone desiring to join can do so at the following sites:

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  1. Roxanna Baldridge, CPC says:

    Couldn’t be happier to win an Anatomy and Physiology Boot Camp! Let the game begin!

  2. lynda roark says:

    So, a day or two ago I get an email from AAPC stating they are now on facebook and twitter and there is are live events regarding ICD10 coming up, I “friend” you on facebook (I do not use twitter), I review the list for times (I am in Hawaii so many mornings are before the break of dawn here) that would work for me and set aside the time to view them. today at 2:00 HST should be one of the events and I cannot find anything, there was no mention of fees for these events, there is nothing on your website or facebook page, what am I missing?
    Very confused!
    Lynda Roark, CPC