Maryland Enacts Own EHR Law

Maryland has adopted its own bill to persuade physicians and facilities to adopt certified electronic health records (EHR), complementing the $20 billion carrot included in the stimulus bill signed in February.

The Maryland law requires the state to develop a statewide health information exchange (HIE) by Oct. 1. It requires the Maryland Health Care Commission to adopt regulations by Sept. 1, 2011; calling for payers to provide incentives to physicians to promote EHR adoption and use. This may come in the form of increased payment for services, lump sum payments, gain-sharing arrangements, rewards for quality and efficiency, in-kind payments, and in other ways where a monetary value can be assigned, according to the American Medical News’ online version

Maryland is one of four states selected for a five-year Medicare demonstration project to help primary care doctors adopt EHRs.

American Medical News has more on this story.

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