Important Information for Those Serving as Proctors

More Proctors for more Examinees
It is recommended to have more than two proctors when more than 40 examinees are scheduled.  Having additional proctors to help with the sign-in and book check process will help start your exam on time.  Additional proctors may be released after the exam has begun as long as your first and second proctors remain for the entire exam.
Shipping Exam Packages
AAPC typically ships exam packages to the first proctor two weeks prior to the exam date so the proctors can review the shipment and ensure all scheduled exams are received and are in order. When scheduling exam dates, please ensure you have the correct address for exam shipment and that the receiver is aware exam packages are sent signature-required. Failure to do so may delay delivery until a day or two before the exam and also may result in a $10 fee for the chapter from FedEx.
Breaks During Exams
Because the exam length has been increased to five hours and 40 minutes, examinees are no longer required to sign in and out when taking breaks. As a proctor, be aware that the clock does not stop ticking when examinees take breaks.
Current Year Code Books
It is strongly recommended examinees use current year code books during the exam. Examinees with outdated code books generally miss the same 15 questions due to incorrect reference material. However, do not turn examinees away if they do not have current code books.
Communicate with Examinees
As a proctor you can greatly alleviate pre-exam jitters for examinees by communicating some simple information in advance. For example, some examinees may have the expectation that the exam site will have food available; others will assume there is convenient parking.Some won’t think to bring a sweater in case the room gets cold. While sharing this information is not required of proctors, communicating it with already-anxious examinees will help alleviate their worries and provide a better exam experience.

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