JustCoding.com: “Guiding Principals Help Ease the Sting of Injection and Infusion Coding”

When the topic of coding for injections and infusions comes up, it’s difficult to steer the conversation in one direction. There are simply too many variables, rules and definitions to take into consideration, making it nearly impossible to have any single rule of thumb when coding for these services. AAPC members Maria Shinn Bouck, CPC, and Christi Sarasin, CCS, CPC-H, CCDS, FCS, share guidance that can help coders make their way through the maze of possibilities and arrive at the correct injection and infusion codes.

2 Responses to “JustCoding.com: “Guiding Principals Help Ease the Sting of Injection and Infusion Coding””

  1. Shannon says:

    Is there an old seminar out there where i can learn how to code injections and infusions? I am confused and need guidance. Anything will help. Thank you.

  2. Linda Hilke says:

    I need some instruction and guidance to code injections and infusions as well. Where can I look to learn what I need to know about coding the infusions given in the ED department?

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