ASC Association Discontinues Management for Eight States

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  • May 28, 2010
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The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) — a membership and advocacy organization for ASCs — will no longer manage eight state ASC groups, reports Outpatient Surgery Magazine in its May online edition. Although an official statement has not yet been made by the association, “Sources are calling it a business decision made at ASCA’s annual meeting in Anaheim, Calif., [held May 19-22],” according to Outpatient Surgery Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan O’Connor.

The affected states include: Maryland, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.
Rob Schwartz, ASCA senior vice president for association development and management, managed the eight state ASC groups and is expected to continue working for four of the state associations as a private consultant. Some interested parties, however, speculate whether Schwartz might consider running the whole show.
The association began the process of looking for a new president after ASCA President Kathy Bryant announced earlier this year she would be stepping down from her post effective Sept. 1.
“The national association wants Rob to manage these associations by himself,” William A. Portuese, M.D., president of the Washington state ASC Association, told Outpatient Surgery Magazine.

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