Not in PECOS? Expect a Letter

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  • June 1, 2010
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Physicians and non-physician practitioners (NPPs) who are currently enrolled in Medicare but do not have an enrollment record in the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) can expect to receive a one-time solicitation letter in the mail sometime soon.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has instructed its contractors to conduct a targeted outreach to ensure that all who are billing Medicare also are enrolled in PECOS. Medicare enrollment and reporting responsibilities include maintaining an active enrollment status in PECOS. Physicians and NPPs who are not enrolled in PECOS may not eligible for future Medicare initiatives and incentives.
Contractors have until June 28 to send the letter.
Physicians and NPPs who do not have an enrollment record in PECOS or have not updated their enrollment record since 2003 have until Jan. 3, 2011 to do so.
You can read the solicitation letter in CMS Transmittal 712, Change Request (CR) 6842, issued May 28.

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  1. Kim Kelly says:

    The link to the transmittal did not work, an error message from CMS was all that was accessed

  2. renee says:

    That happens all the time with CMS links — don’t know why. I updated the link so maybe it will work for you now.

  3. Shari Smith says:

    I receieved an e-mail from a group I am in that states they moved it from Jan 3rd to July 6, 2010.

  4. Sally Kenyon says:

    As with all CMS requirements, this one is another headache. Why, if the physician aleady has his NPI and medicare PTAN numbers, is it up to the physician to revalidate and fill out all new forms or go online and do this. Why can’t the government do their own updating.
    Also, if your physicians/providers work in a group, not only do you have to enroll the group, but also “individually”, which I found out the hard way!
    Good luck even looking up your providers in the PECOS system, it is not user friendly at all, and is extremely confusing.