Navigating the Member Forums to Find Job Postings

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  • June 10, 2010
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The AAPC website ( has several great job hunting resources, one of which is our very popular member forums. Most forums are open to the public to read, but to post to the forums, you must be an AAPC member. Once you’ve logged into the AAPC site, click on the Forums Homepage under the Networking tab. There are a number of different sections and forum topics, including the employment forums. Under the Employment Forum umbrella, you’ll find different sections such as general discussion, job postings, résumé postings and consulting opportunities. Each section can prove useful if utilized properly.
General Discussion—You are able to discuss job searching and employment opportunities. Post any questions you might have, read about how other coders got their coding job, browse posts about hiring companies, etc.
Job Postings—This forum is for posting jobs only, so it’s a great place to start. If you’re interested in a job posting, contact the job poster directly rather than replying to their post to ensure receipt. Make sure the job posting you are interested in is recent and not an outdated circulating discussion.
Résumé Postings—Sell yourself to potential employers. Post résumés, qualifications and availability for work in coding and billing-related positions. Remember, you may have to get your foot in the door and gain experience (if you don’t have any) before you are offered a coding position. Use caution when creating your subject line and keep your options open. Also, make sure your username is professional and not too “cutesy” or pretentious. Employers can make snap decisions based on what they see in your online profile.
Consulting Opportunities—This forum is exclusively for posting short-term consulting projects or opportunities and should be used to solicit expert coders with experience in a specific field of medical coding.
AAPC’s member forums are a great resource for job hunting, networking and building relationships with your fellow coders. Make sure you are posting your threads under the correct topic as they may not be seen or given any weight in another section. If you have any questions on how to use the member forums, please call member services at 800-626-CODE.

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  1. Sally Troiani says:

    I have been a former teacher (7-12 math and science). I worked until Feb. 2010 and am now currently seeking another job in the medical community. I have done problem billing, collecting, IT services, installed e-billing and worked on establishing EHR for a local medical office.

  2. Laura says:

    You can use the Job social network Business & Job to find job for free. Its website is

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