New CPT® Category II Codes in Effect Oct. 1

Updates to CPT® Category II codes posted July 2 on the American Medical Association (AMA) website include several new codes, revised short and medium code descriptors, and revisions to the Index of Alphabetic Clinical Topics. These updates, released July 1, will be implemented Oct. 1 and will appear in CPT® 2011.

Several new codes were added for reporting Parkinson’s disease. They are:

For diagostic/screening:

3700F Psychiatric disorders or disturbances assessed

3720F Cognitive impairment or dysfunction assessed

For therapeutic, preventative or other interventions:

4324F Patient (or caregiver) queried about Parkinson’s disease medication related motor complications

4325F Medical and surgical treatment options reviewed with patient (or caregiver)

4400F Rehabilitation therapy options discussed with patient (or caregiver)

For follow-up or other outcomes:

6080F Patient (or caregiver) queried about falls


6090F Patient (or caregiver) counseled about safety issues appropriate to patient’s stage of disease

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