AAPC Launches Latest Billing Course

AAPC is releasing its 10th edition of its Medical Billing and Reimbursement online course. “This course is a great way to enhance your coding education by delving into specifics about the health insurance industry and different reimbursement methodologies for correct claim submissions,” said Shelly Cronin, CPC, CANPC, CGIC, CGSC, AAPC Business and Member Development.
The study program is aimed at providing the most up-to-date information relating to Medicare and third-party billing. This latest edition offers textbook, workbook, and audio lectures to add to your learning experience. More information is available at on the AAPC Medical Billing and Reimbursement Course webpage.

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  1. Lynne Leis says:

    We all need to get the word “reimbursement” out of our fee schedule vocabulary. The correct word is “payment” or “compensation”. The term “reimbursement” was in effect over 30 years ago when patients had insurance which required them to pay upfront and submit their bill to their major medical for reimbursement.

  2. Lisa Smalley, CPC, CHI, CPC-I says:

    The term reimbursement is considered an accepted misnomer at this point. We all know that the billing cycle is an attempt to get the Doctor paid for services rendered, and usually doesn’t involve actual “reimbursement” anymore.

  3. L.M.Dobbins says:

    There are still some patients that are covered by indemnity plans that are paid up front and submitted by the provider to the plan. While they are few they are still around and are handled much like dental insurance claims are handled, so reimbursement is not necessarily an outdated term.

  4. DL Johnson says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’m half way through my HIT Program, and I realize there is many years of exdperience between all of you. I have one question. Is this the kind of gloom and doom you outwardly show to your patients? Please try to be positive and support new hope and hype in the medical field. For sure nothing can succeed unless we have you to look upto as mentors Thank You

  5. kdonis says:

    I agree with DL – we need more positive reinforcement to those that are new to the field. I have been working in the medical field for over 30 years and I still love it when appeals are paid. When I have the oppportunity to work with someone who loves a challenge and has a desire to learn, it gives me faith in our career path.

  6. Velinda says:

    I am new to this field and very interested in learning more about third party billing.

  7. catrina thomas says:

    Reimbursement also reflects the billing process of the health care provider being “paid back” or “reimbursed” for their time and knowledge spent in caring for the patient.