NCCI Edit File Format Changes

Beginning with the April 2010 update, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) now posts the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Edit files in Microsoft Excel 2007 and in text formats. Because Excel 2007 can support a larger number of rows, each code range is contained in one file as opposed to multiple files.
This should correct the incompatibility issues that some users experienced last quarter with the Excel 2003 files. Please be aware that Excel 2003 and earlier versions of the software have a maximum row count of 65,536. Some of the NCCI Edit files exceed the maximum row count. If you do not have Excel 2007, you should use the text format to import the data into an application that can support larger files.
More information on NCCI edits and download files are on the CMS website.
Source: NHIC, Corp. July 2010 J14 A/B MAC Resource

Medical coding books

Medical coding books

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  1. Tong says:

    Can you billed CPT 36430 and CPT 36591 on same day? Claim denied and I called and was told it hit NCCI edit with these two CPT.