5010 Implementation Expands I-9 Reporting

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  • August 13, 2010
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The 5010 837I transaction implementation in January 2011 will allow providers, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to report up to 25 ICD-9-CM diagnosis and 25 ICD-9-CM procedure codes when submitting claims to Parts A and B Medicare administrative contractors (A/B MACs) and/or fiscal intermediaries (FIs) for services to Medicare beneficiaries.
Current claim forms allow for only nine ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes and six ICD-9-CM procedure codes. Medical coding and billing staff should prepare for this change.
Source: MLN Matters MM7004, issued July 30

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No Responses to “5010 Implementation Expands I-9 Reporting”

  1. Susan W says:

    The test asks how many diagnosis and CPT codes will be allowed. The article only speaks of ICD-9 procedure codes. Are the tests purposely filled with trick questions? Any one else notice this problem?

  2. Bardo says:

    Fell out of bed feenlig down. This has brightened my day!

  3. Tammie Moss says:

    I noticed the ICD9procedural as well. The article doesn’t refer to CPT codes which are different than ICD9 procedural codes. It also does not state physicians, but providers, hospitals & SNF’s.