Quarterly Meeting Report

As you’ve submitted a request for reimbursement for meetings held recently, have you noticed the new form? The Local Chapter Meeting Reimbursement Form is now called the Local Chapter Quarterly Meeting Report. Not only will you report the number of members attending your meetings, but you will also be asked to report any honorariums paid to speakers during the quarter as well. Gathering this information monthly will help us as we prepare our end-of-the- year reports for tax-reporting purposes.

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  1. Debbie Brown says:

    Quarterly Reports have been satisfactory for information needed to accurately see how a chapter is working.

  2. Lori Lindahl says:

    I am trying to coordinate everything for the quarterly report.
    However, I went in to print the form, and it states the the file is damaged, how to I retrieve it…
    you can call me and let and let me know- 952-431-1540.
    Thank you very much,
    Lori Lindahl