Injection Log Helps Cut Errors

by: Wendy E. Grant, CPC
Health Management Associates

Most practices keep a log of X-rays and laboratory procedures performed due to requirements by the agencies governing such tests.  It is also a good idea to also create an “Injection Log” for medications.  These are expenses to the practice and should be billed to the patient; however, there are times when these are not indicated on the superbill, and the practice has “given them away. ”

Rocephin is a common injection administered in most family practitioners’ offices today.  The HCPCS Level II code and definition of Rocephin is J0696 – per 250 mgs.  This 250 mgs dose is usually given to a child.  An adult may be given one gram of Rocephin.  The  billing for this injection should be J0696 – 4 units (or 250 mgs x 4).  Attention must be given to the code definition of dosaging,  in order to ensure that the correct units/price is billed to the insurance company.   

Certified Family Practice Coder CFPC

An injection log should be kept in the nurses’ area where they draw up the injection.  The nurse then notes the injection on the log and in the patient chart.  By supplying the data entry clerk with a copy of the Injection Log on a daily basis, these errors can be caught prior to billing to the payer.

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