New Date for Billing Routine Cost of Clinical Trials

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has delayed the implementation date for when it is no longer necessary to differentiate between diagnostic and therapeutic clinical trial services on Medicare claims.

CMS transmittal 1743, issued May 22, which gave an implementation date of July 10, has been replaced by transmittal 1761, issued June 26, to specify a new implementation date of September 28.

Read the April 13 AAPC News post “Use V70.7 for Routine Cost of Clinical Trials” for more information about billing routine cost of clinical trials.

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7 Responses to “New Date for Billing Routine Cost of Clinical Trials”

  1. Gala C. Tallet says:

    When trying to access “Use V70.7 for Routine Cost of Clnical Trials” we receive error code 404 stating the information is not found.

    Can you help?

  2. Amethyst LaFleur says:

    When clicking on the AAPC news post in italics I also receive the error code 404 stating information is not found. Can you please correct this?

  3. Ruth Broek says:

    Make that 3 of us that can’t access the linked document.

  4. Patrick Kubovcik says:

    Google Search “Use V70.7 for Routine Cost of Clinical Trials”, and the article can be found.

  5. Liz Baker says:

    Can’t find the article; I get a page error with message page cannot be found.

  6. renee says:

    I was able to find it by performing a search of AAPC News using keywords “Use v70.7.” Give it try!

  7. Bridget says:

    Yes, the search does work. Thanks, Renee. Also, here is the link:

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