Member of Year for 2012

AAPC is now accepting nominations for its Member of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes an individual member of AAPC for his/her outstanding contributions, leadership and achievements in service to AAPC and its members. The award is given for significant participation in and support of AAPC and member activities. The recipient will have advanced the mission, goals and purposes of AAPC and will have positively impacted AAPC’s programs, activities and /or services.


Any AAPC member in good standing is eligible for this award. Members of the National Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of the AAPCCA are excluded from consideration for this award during their term of office. AAPC employees are excluded from consideration for this award during the term of their AAPC employment.


The Member of the Year is given to an AAPC member who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the coding profession. There are no formal criteria by which to judge candidates. Consideration for selection as Member of the Year may include distinguished service to the profession, active and innovative leadership in AAPC, and outstanding contributions in promoting AAPC. The Member of the Year award can be based on one singular significant contribution to the AAPC or a lifetime of contributions to the AAPC. However, it is anticipated that each candidate may be judged on the basis of his or her:

  • Participation in AAPC activities;
  • Participation in chapter meetings, seminars, or workshops (participation is defined here as helping to plan, arrange, conduct, or serve as speaker at these events);
  • Participation in outside activities that in some way assist AAPC or advance the coding profession (e.g., teaching a coding course, attending or speaking at seminars or workshops that relate to the coding profession);
  • Contributions to publications that pertain to coding specifically or to the coding profession;
  • Attendance at local chapter meetings;
  • Sponsorship of new AAPC members;
  • Participation in committee work, meetings, seminars and activities that assist the local chapter or advance AAPC and/or the coding profession; and
  • Undertaking special projects that benefit AAPC.

This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. There may be other factors, such as an individual’s undertaking of a special project on his or her own initiative or at AAPC’s request that the committee may wish to consider.


MEMBER OF THE YEAR nomination may be made by any member in good standing. Any member in good standing is eligible to receive the award. No self nominations are permitted. Nominations should be submitted using the online nomination form. A National Advisory Board Committee will review the nominations. The top five from each of the 8 AAPC regions will be selected and verified. Seven regional winners (volume dependent) and one National MEMBER OF THE YEAR winner will be selected.


Nomination forms and any supporting materials should be received by the NAB MEMBER OF THE YEAR Committee no later than the November 12th of the year in which the person is being nominated.

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