2009 AAPC Website Mock-ups

Please note that screens below are only mock-ups of the new website. Additions and modifications are being made as a result of feedback from members and new development efforts.

Homepage (NOT Logged In):
This page below represents what a first-time visitor or non-member to AAPC would see when first coming to aapc.com. The emphasis is on getting trained, getting certified and of course joining AAPC.

Homepage (NOT Logged In)

Homepage (NOT Logged In)

Homepage (Logged In):
This page represents what certified members would see when coming to AAPC.com. It is essentially a merging of the current member area and corporate website.

Assuming a member doesn’t log out or clear their cookies, they can return to aapc.com and have immediate access to their CEU tracker, registered and unregistered events, local chapter and general discussion forums and other highly trafficked sections of AAPC.com that used to be multiple pages deep in the website.

The elements of this page can be moved around and reordered by each member. If they are a heavy Discussion Forum visitor (for example), they might move the forums to the top of the page. Content will also be displayed based on the members profile. Students would see their courses and instructors on the aapc.com homepage.  Members who have profiled themselves as working in cardiology might see cardiology news instead of other specialties. Those unemployed might see coding jobs in their area.


Homepage (Logged In)

Homepage (Logged In)

Main Navigation
The website’s main navigation will change a bit. This is a result of watching traffic trends on the site and making it easier for visitors to get what they’re after quickly (and with less “clicks”). The top navigation consists of the most popular steps for AAPC visitors. These being: getting trained, getting certified, finding/submitting CEUs, finding a job, networking at Local Chapter meetings, conferences and online, and “My AAPC” containing the things associated with their membership (benefits and resources, scheduled events, etc.).

Note: As long as a member stays logged in, the main navigation will add elements pertaining to them. The “Training” navigation will show students their current courses and instructors. The Certification drop-down menu will display quick links to their CEU Tracker. The Continuing Education menu will include workshops, webinars, conferences other CEU events they’re scheduled to attend.


Networking Mouse Over / Hover

Networking Mouse Over / Hover


Coding Jobs Mouse Over / Hover

Coding Jobs Mouse Over / Hover


My AAPC Mouse Over / Hover

My AAPC Mouse Over / Hover

No Responses to “2009 AAPC Website Mock-ups”


    The best part of the website is the CEU tracker. It helps keep me organized. Keep up the great work.

  2. nancy williams says:

    I think it looks great – looking forward to the launch! Great job AAPC!

  3. Dora Stubblefield says:

    So far, it looks more inviting than the old version.

  4. Marsha Warmke says:

    Looks like less clicking around to find what I need. Looks great

  5. Deb Benson says:

    I like the feature that brings up the things that I use most often without going through other screens first.

  6. Brian Freeman says:

    Will the new website be quicker? The old website was very slow at times.

  7. Ronda Dilley says:

    I like the idea of my more visited areas being displayed without having to go through a million other areas first. Great idea!

  8. Bevan Erickson says:

    The website will be quicker. We’re reducing page file sizes, moving all images to a cloud network (Google or Amazon), minimizing database calls and hits to scripts.

  9. Bevan Erickson says:

    If you can think of anything you’d really like to see as part of the new website, let us know.


    I have just renewed my membership by paying my dues by phone call to AAPC and submitted my CEU’s. Can the website also let you know the date the dues were paid and when we should expect to receive our renewal card? Thank you.

  11. Ellen Hitchcock says:

    The website looks great. I like the set up and looks like the coders will have a lot more information at our fingertips on one website great job!

  12. Joyce D. Ardrey, CPC says:

    Always look forward to improvement changes. Thanks, Bevan, for keeping us looking professional.

  13. Carol F Foutch, CPC says:

    The new site looks great! I am glad to see ICD-10 has it’s own navigation tool. We are going to need all the help we can get!

  14. Virginia B Carver says:

    The new website looks great!

  15. Bevan Erickson says:

    Renewal cards are sent out and usually received by members within two weeks of membership AND CEUs being submitted (if CEUs are due that year). When you make payments online, you have a receipt stored under “My Purchases”. Also, your “due date” which is displayed on the homepage will bump ahead a year (with your renewal).

  16. Mary Morgan, CPC says:

    Thank you AAPC and Bevan for merging the current member area with the corporate website! Navigation has been difficult, so I’m looking forward to the launch.
    I do have a question about printing posts contained in threads in various forums. I have found very valuable information in posts, and in the past when I have attempted to print the page containing the posts in a particular thread, the content contained on the page of the thread prints over the actual posts I’m trying to read. Is this something that can be fixed?

  17. Barbara Miller, MA, CPC says:

    Nice Job!!!! AAPC is “Wonderful”

  18. Kelly G says:

    This looks much more user friendly. Another idea might be to have Coding Edge and EdgeBlast to be searchable. There are so many articles, a search feature would be helpful in finding the information I hope to find.

  19. BLR says:

    I have waited to see what functionality was missing that would be a valuable assest to those of us who utilize this site multiple times a day. Adding a searchable database for the Coding Edge and EdgeBlast would become a third-hand in many of my daily / weekly projects.

  20. Rahul Srivastava says:

    Nice userfriendly interface of this new look is really great. I am also looking for (for “Members”) a personal “My Notes” section. That would be helpful for any coder to pick and collect the useful information (as per the need) from the forum or while working in the office and researching.

  21. Michele Hayes, CPC,CGIC says:

    I love the new look, but I also agree that having Coding Edge and EdgeBlast searchable would be great.