Create a Favorite Codes List on Codify

Create a Favorite Codes List on Codify

Stop searching for the same codes again and again by creating a handy quick-reference list.

Building a Favorite Codes list in Codify gives you one-click access to details about the codes you use most. Here’s how to create and access the list.

  • Give a code the thumbs-up. Click the thumbs-up icon at the top right of the code details page to add a code to your Favorite Codes list (Figure 1).
  • Watch for the pop-up box after searching. When you’ve searched a code a few times, expect to see the Auto Favorite pop-up box on the code details page asking if you want to add the code to your Favorite Codes list. (Figure 2).

Note: You can enable or disable the pop-up box any time. On the top menu, select My Codify/Set Search Settings. When the new page opens, scroll to the Auto Favorite Tool line. Select ‘No’ to disable the pop-up or ‘Yes’ to enable the pop-up. Then click Save Your Settings.

  • Access your Favorite Codes list. Click the My Codify/Favorite Codes entry in the top menu. The page with your Favorite Codes will open, sorted by code set and with clickable links to get more information about your top-used codes. (Figure 3).

Deborah Marsh

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