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Are You Ready for the 2023-24 Influenza Season?

Are You Ready for the 2023-24 Influenza Season?

For the 2023-2024 influenza season, which runs from Aug. 1 through July 31, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone 6 months of age and older receive a flu vaccine “ideally by the end of October.” This advice has not changed from previous years, but the Medicare Part B payment allowances for the flu vaccines have changed.

Flu Vaccination Coding and Billing

For the most part, Medicare Part B payment allowances increased slightly for the 2023-2024 flu season, as shown in Table A.

Table A: CPT® code and Medicare Part B payment allowances for 2023-2024 flu season

CodeLabeler NameVaccine NamePayment Allowance
90662Sanofi PasteurFluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent$73.403
90672MedImmuneFluMist Quadrivalen$27.788
90674SeqirusFlucelvax Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)$34.172
90682Sanofi PasteurFlublok Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)$73.403
90686GlaxoSmithKlineFluarix Quadrivalent (Preservative free) Flulaval Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)$22.350
Sanofi PasteurFluzone Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)
SeqirusAfluria Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)
90687Sanofi PasteurFluzone Quadrivalent 0.25ml (2023/2024)$10.439
SeqirusAfluria Quadrivalent 0.25ml
90688Sanofi PasteurFluzone Quadrivalent$20.878
SeqirusAfluria Quadrivalent
90694SeqirusFluad Quadrivalent (Preservative Free)$77.359
90756SeqirusFlucelvax Quadrivalent$32.374
Source: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

The Medicare Part B payment allowance limits for influenza vaccines are 95 percent of the average wholesale price (AWP) except when the vaccine is furnished in a hospital outpatient department, rural health clinic (RHC), or federally qualified health center (FQHC), where payments are based on reasonable cost.

Annual Part B deductible and coinsurance amounts do not apply for influenza virus vaccinations.

For Medicare, report ICD-10-CM code Z23 Encounter for immunization on the claim and the administration code G0008 Administration of influenza virus vaccine. Unlike the vaccine product pricing, which is updated Aug. 1, the pricing for G0008 is effective Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

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