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Expert Advice Prepares Coders for ICD-9 Changes

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  • August 3, 2009
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In just a few short months—Oct. 1 to be exact—more than 350 new, revised or invalid ICD-9-CM code changes will take effect. Find out what experts in the field are saying is need-to-know information for Urology and Radiology coders.


Medical Coding Pro says new ICD-9 code 569.71 Pouchitis is for an infection of the diversionary bowl reservoir. For other diversionary problems, use new code 569.79 Other complications of intestinal pouch.

You’ll also find the October ICD-9 update clarifies acute kidney failure ICD-9 codes 584.5-584.9 and acute kidney failure after pregnancy with ICD-9 codes 639.3 and 669.3-669.34.


Many coders will be happy to see that the October 2009 update revises the 793.0-793.7 range so that “abnormal” findings aren’t a requirement for using these codes.

Codes 793.5 Nonspecific (abnormal findings) on radiological and other examination of genitourinary organs and 793.6 Nonspecific (abnormal) findings on radiological and other examination of abdominal area, including retroperitoneum will help you explain medical necessity for review of such tests or for the performance of other diagnostic studies.

Codes 793.89 Other (abnormal) findings on radiological examination of breast and 793.99 Other nonspecific (abnormal) findings on radiological and other examination of body structure will have the same change, according to Coding News.

Meanwhile, code 793.82 Inconclusive mammogram has been revised to allow more accurate reporting. Use this code for services performed on or after Oct. 1 when additional testing is needed because of density, not an abnormality.

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